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Sports Massage

About sports massage Sports Massage is a form of Deep Tissue Massage that draws on techniques from Swedish massage. Sports Massages are notoriously painful, however it is a strangely pleasant pain. Sports massages are not always painful, to some degree the pain lets you know which muscles you use the most, as they are typically the ones that are most… sensitive. Sports massage is not your typical spa day style of massage, it is not a massage that is designed to relax you. This being said one of the aims is to help muscles relax, it’s paradoxical I know. There is a clue in the style of massage of what you can expect, being a deep tissue massage we aim to massage your muscles so they relax and

Surgery or Exercise?

Exercise is infinitely better than surgery where possible. This is not to say surgery doesn’t work, but surgery always comes with the added risk of the surgeons hand slipping, infections when they cut you open and not to forget the obvious one. If they cut you open, then the muscles, skin and fascia have been cut, so they will also need to be included in the planning of a rehab plan which will make it much longer and more complicated. Allowing for more things to be overlooked during rehab. The body is designed to adapt to what you ask it to do. If you sit in a certain position and don’t move for a few hours it is understandable that your body will become very good at doing just that. The mor

The Unexpected Danger

The majority of movements we do when we train are completely in our control, lifting weights in the gym, practice matches, drills and routines are all in our control. We train our bodies to deal with these scenarios because they are going to happen in our sport. Whether this is a runner practising running, a rugby player practising tackling or a badminton player practising service returns. We can anticipate everything and all variables are organised. Injury, the dreaded word that no player wants to hear occurs outside of this organised movement. Rolled ankles occur when we are rushed or focused on the skill we are executing and not the movement of our feet. When we have to move unexpectedly,

Running; myths, benefits and chocolate bones

Running is thought to cause you knee problems, there are of course injuries associated with runners but they are not guaranteed to affect you. Every sport has common injuries associated with them and the majority of injuries that are classed as a non-contact injury can be prevented. These include osteoarthritis, chondromalacia patella and iliotibial band friction syndrome. Now these may sound like serious injuries but they are all insidious in nature. Meaning they are known as chronic injuries, they occur over a prolonged period of time, from weeks to months to years. The body is very resilient to wear, running once a week will do very little damage. In fact, the bit of damage it does do to

That Niggling Injury

I hear on a regular basis people complaining or mentioning problems with their body. Now, at the time they may seem insignificant and you will likely, as most people do just pass them off as nothing to worry about. The little aches and pains you get may indeed be nothing but this does not mean it is not impacting on your body elsewhere. That little ache you get in your lower back may be caused by a problem in your foot. That uncomfortable knee pain may allow for something more serious to develop. The majority of these issues don’t cause you enough problems to get them checked out straight away. However, if you value your sporting life, or if you have an active work or family life then it may

Arbitrary Goals; Train how you want to play and play how you train

Over summer, as I play squash (a winter sport) and I want to get better, I have set some arbitrary goals for myself. This blog is not about me, it’s about the aspects of injury prevention, recovery and performance! The bits everyone wants but isn’t always prepared to do what’s necessary to achieve, as they can be; time consuming, expensive and or boring. But in the interest of enjoying your sport for a lifetime and not just in your 20’s 30’s and 40’s, understand that the sacrifice of, 1 hour a week of boredom, pain, your time and money is nothing compared to enjoying your sport in your 60’s and 70’s (albeit slower). So today I have sat down in the morning and thought about my game, I was goi

Hamstring stretching; All you need to know!

Hamstrings may be the most commonly stretched muscle group ever, even if you barely use them. But if you want to have better hamstring flexibility this post may help you achieve maximum flexibility. There are numerous ways of stretching; static, dynamic, ballistic and proprioception neuromuscular facilitation (or PNF for short, you may know them as partner stretches). Surprisingly, when assessed over a period of time, they all show similar increases in range of motion (how much you can move your leg). So this choice is entirely up to you, personally I’d go for the static stretch as they are least painful (personal opinion) and you can easily do them while watching TV or sitting down after yo

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