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Glute Pain Part 3: Piriformis syndrome

The Problem! Piriformis syndrome is a condition that emanates from the piriformis; a muscle that lies underneath the glutes. Piriformis syndrome is the piriformis pinching or clamping the sciatic nerve. This can often be mistaken for ‘true sciatica’ (that occurs in the spine) as the symptoms can be similar. Back pain, glute pain and neurological symptoms down the back of your leg. However, sciatica is a bilateral condition (both side of our body) and therefore can be written off if you only have pain in one leg. Piriformis Syndrome will cause pain when it gets stretched and clamps down on the nerve… Something that stretching won’t fix then? Surely not!? About the Problem?! The piriformis mus

Glute Pain OR Trapped Nerve

Introduction The human body is complex, but with the sheer complexity of the hip region, it can be overwhelming to understand. When you get glute pain, there are things you should consider; how long you have had the pain, how does it affect your sport, how does it affect your everyday life? And is it something you think may be fixable? The hidden pain As humans, we like to take the easy option. When this comes to a random glute pain, we pass it off all too easily as just tight glutes because we don’t stretch or warm down properly. And we do this through choice, as when we finish our workout or match, we have done what we wanted to do. The last thing on most of our minds at this point, is spe

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