Activate Sports Therapy Covid-19 Client FAQ 


Do I need to wear PPE? 

No, only the practitioner needs to wear PPE however you can wear PPE if you so choose.

Do you have hand sanitiser available?

Yes, due to the nature of the service we have hand sanitiser available anyway, as well as a sink to fully wash hands with warm water and soap.


What precautions are you taking? 

We have increased cleaning of commonly touched surfaces such as door handles to between each client.

Can I still pay in cash? 

You can still pay in cash however we advise that you elect to pay online or with card.

I have a block of massage sessions, what happens to them? 

Expiry of these sessions will be extended until we reopen sports massage services, a rough guide to this resuming is mid-August but this may be earlier. 

What about a video appointment? 

Your first injury appointment needs to be in person, any other appointment can be done on video call.