Director  & Sports Therapist


Garth has been working at Activate Sports Therapy for over two years. He has seen many positive results from clients, including, walking pain free, running pain free, returning to sport pain free, some of which have had pain constantly or intermittently for over 10 years! You can read some of the reviews here!

Garth has supported clubs in the past including Macclesfield Town FC, Port Vale FC and Southport and Birkdale Hockey Club. In these clubs his roles varied from overseeing rehab, sports massage and first aid/pitch side support.

Garth has experience working with elite level athletes and sedentary people so can tailor his work to your needs.


Garth has a passion for getting people back to the activity they want to do (such as a sport or gardening) not just removing pain. Getting rid of your pain does not mean you are better. If you want to return to sport you will need to recondition the body for the sports needs. Garth will do everything he can to get you there. He proves this in his constant CPD some of which he writes up in blog form on here. Most recently Garth passed a Medical Acupuncture course (May 2019) which has added a new skill set to what he can offer you.  Since then he has seen a lot of benefit with chronic pain clients who have suffered pain for 10's of years. Where other treatment modalities do not alleviate pain medical acupuncture has shone through.

Passion for the Job

Garth got into this line of work because of numerous injuries when he was younger including sprained ankles, a pulled hamstring and broken arms that prevented him from playing squash. He still plays squash and is still training to improve so he can empathise when you are frustrated with not being able to play your sport. This comes through in consultations when goal setting comes around, he prides himself on not only getting you back to your sport, but also reducing where possible the chance of re-injury. This can be hard for people to accept as injuries can feel extremely threatening and people frequently say they would be happy to return with x level of pain but be able to play. Garth will push you to return to the sport pain free, at the level you were at and reducing where possible the chance of re-injury.


  1. Medical Acupuncture                              2019

  2. MSc Applied Research Merit                  2017

  3. BSc Sports Therapy 1st class             2016