We have years of experience, treating professional athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts with a variety of injuries. This makes us well versed in injury assessments, meaning you will get some of the best treatement around. Our aim is to help you recover from your injury and prevent that same injury from recurring in the future. Sometimes we find that our goals are more ambitious than our clients, so don't be suprised if you are happier with your results than you may have expected!

As Sue said in her Google Review...

"...I can absolutely recommend Garth 100% - he has helped me more than I thought possible after suffering for so long

-thank you so much!!!"

What's in an injuiry consultaion?

Firstly we discus the injury, how it affects you and what you want to achieve from treatment. Only after we have an idea of how it affects you as an individual do we then procede with the physical assessment. This part consists of postural assessments, Manual Muscle Testing (MMT), biomechanical assessmesnt and neurological assesments to come to a rational conclusion. We then do the following;

1) We use techniques to give you inital relief and improvement

2) We make sure you understand the exercises you can do to help recover at home

3) We advise you on all the other things that can help you recover outside of exercises


We are taking all reasonable precautions in regards to Covid-19, find the FAQ here if you have any questions.