Medical acupuncture works almost instantly to relieve pain that originates from your muscles, even if it manifests itself as joint or nerve pain. It does so by blocking pain signals to and from the brain through a release of chemicals including serotonin and noradrenalin as well as effects at the site of needling.

Medical acupuncture is great for relief from referred pain because of its influence on the nervous system. As it blocks pain signals it does not only have a physiological affect the area being treated but areas further up and down the nerves pathway. So your hand pain may be relieved from needling the shoulder and your foot pain may be relieved from needling in your low back or hip region.


Areas We Treat:

  1. Neck

  2. Shoulders

  3. Upper arm

  4. Forearm

  5. Quads

  6. Hamstrings

  7. Glutes

  8. Shin

  9. Calf