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The core; Where and what is it?

The core, as most people know it, is made up of the abdominal muscle groups, and the majority of people mainly care about the ones you can see, so our six pack muscle (Your rectus abdominus) and the ‘V’ or love handles (external obliques) are the areas we mainly associate with “the core”.

The core in its truest sense may be something different. When we move, we rely on our core to resist the pull and create the equal and opposite force. If the core didn’t do this, when we throw a ball we would fall forward in the direction we threw the ball. So the core now becomes something more. The core becomes everything from our heads, right down to our tail bones. It is the base from where all force and power begins, where our body’s true strength lies.

What use would it be if a quarterback in American football had an immensely strong arm, great vision when planning the pass, but when he came to throw the ball he fell over because his core was too weak? In reality this wouldn’t happen, he would know within himself how hard he could throw the ball whilst being able to keep his balance. The greater our core strength, the more strength and power we can utilise.

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