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That Niggling Injury

I hear on a regular basis people complaining or mentioning problems with their body. Now, at the time they may seem insignificant and you will likely, as most people do just pass them off as nothing to worry about. The little aches and pains you get may indeed be nothing but this does not mean it is not impacting on your body elsewhere. That little ache you get in your lower back may be caused by a problem in your foot. That uncomfortable knee pain may allow for something more serious to develop.

The majority of these issues don’t cause you enough problems to get them checked out straight away. However, if you value your sporting life, or if you have an active work or family life then it may well be worth getting it looked at. It may be nothing at all, but it may be something that a simple strengthening exercise will eradicate completely. But you won’t know for certain unless you seek the advice of a trained professional.

If it is a minor issue then some strengthening, stretching and massaging will fix it no problem. But if you carry on playing/training with a tiny muscle tear or joint stability issue it could lead to a far more serious issue and prevent you from playing/training for over a year. That's a year of rehab 'returning' to activity rather than two weeks of specific fixing work then back to the training. The choice in that case is simple, get the niggle checked out and fix the small issue and don't let a big issue manifest.

The body is very clever and doesn’t waste energy it doesn’t need to, that’s why it’s so tempting to skip the occasional day of training and sit at home watching TV or playing video games. So, if your body is telling you that something is happening and it doesn’t like it, then it is worth getting checked out.

To encourage you to get that niggling injury looked at, Activate Sports Therapy will also give you a free 40min sports massage (another great way to deal with some niggling injuries) as well. Saving yourself £14 (until end of may 2018).

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