The Unexpected Danger

April 18, 2018

The majority of movements we do when we train are completely in our control, lifting weights in the gym, practice matches, drills and routines are all in our control. We train our bodies to deal with these scenarios because they are going to happen in our sport. Whether this is a runner practising running, a rugby player practising tackling or a badminton player practising service returns. We can anticipate everything and all variables are organised.


Injury, the dreaded word that no player wants to hear occurs outside of this organised movement. Rolled ankles occur when we are rushed or focused on the skill we are executing and not the movement of our feet. When we have to move unexpectedly, at a random speed in a random direction this is when injury is likely to happen.




There are things we can do to reduce the chance of this unexpected movement causing us injuries! Increasing our balance, increasing our strength and increasing our movement efficiency/technique. If we have better balance we will react better to minor movements of joints that can cause injury, if we are stronger we will be more stable and less prone to joint and muscle injuries and if we move better anyway then the chance of a movement fault causing injury will also be reduced.


For the more advanced injury prevention ideas, training closer to the ranges of motion or speeds and forces that cause us the injuries will increase our resistance to them. Logically this will reduce our chances of being injured by them


Points to take away:

      Balance more

      Lift more

      Move more

      Do all three in awkward positions as well.