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A massage a week... OR! exercise once a week?!

I’m clearly a big fan of sports massage. Sports massage is an awesome way to help relax your tight muscles, recover from a training session or simply just to get away from the stress of work for an hour or so. Many people use sports massage to mask injuries or the effects from postural problems. However, sports massage alone will not fix all of your muscular problems.

If you get a regular sports massage just to relax your muscles and allow you to keep training then that’s fine. You are getting exactly what you want from the treatments. Bad posture, or more accurately, one posture for a prolonged period can cause back troubles and a sports massage can help relieve the tension you feel there. Sports massage can help people with headaches, lower back pain, neck pain and many other issues. However, when it comes to injuries or consistent pain when working, playing or training, there may be a more challenging problem. Massage can help in the first stage of the correction by allowing the overly used muscles to relax. Once these muscles are relaxed then you will feel instant relief, but with corrective exercises (which can be as little as one session a week) you could eradicate the pain for the foreseeable future.

Let’s take someone with upper back and neck pain, they could be an athlete, surgeon or professional driver. IF they regularly go for massages to relieve the pain they feel then they are getting what they want. BUT if they commit to doing 1 hour a week of corrective exercises, as attempt to change their posture more frequently, they could potentially eradicate this pain forever.

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