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Knee to Wall Test


The knee to wall test is an easy way to check your ankle dorsiflexion range of motion, or lack of it. Requiring only you and a wall it is a practical and reliable way of measuring. I use the knee to wall test with a lot of clients because it is a common area of improvement, and it’s easy to visualise the limitation. It is also a practical method for them to carry on checking improvement at home between sessions with me so they can make sure they are improving as they want to.

The Test

  • Place a tape measure on the floor from the wall next to your foot

  • Stand with both feet facing the wall

  • One foots big toe touching the wall

  • Keeping that heel on the floor at all times, touch your knee to the wall.

  • If you can touch the wall slide that foot back and repeat

  • Continue to go further from the wall until you heel lifts of the floor

  • Side forward to the last made position and that is your distance. Take the tape measures distance

  • Compare to the other side

Side notes:

Only the testing ankle needs to be flat on the floor

the bottom picture would not be counted as the ankle came off the floor

The result

An obvious difference side to side is what we are looking for, 3in (left ankle) and 3.5in (right ankle) are not massively different. People are not perfectly symmetrical and daily influences will affect your results here. Regarding injuries it is common to see 5in in a healthy ankle and 2in in a recently sprained ankle. Some simple calf stretching will put a dent in most people’s side to side differences. I get my clients to aim for a minimum of 5in 6in being perfect, I’m yet to see someone that can go more than 6in from the wall. But remember, limb length and any difference in limb length side to side will have an effect on this test.

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