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My broken wrist stopped me from playing the sport I love for 3 months.

In high school I went on a snowboarding trip to France which was an awesome time. On the last day I fell on the slopes and broke my right wrist, being right handed I knew straight away the impact this was going to have. I was in unforgettable pain and don’t remember being happy until the doctor gave me something for it.

Being unable to play squash for 3 months was devastating but being 14 I enjoyed more time playing video games, despite the annoyance of the wrist brace making it difficult to hold the controller.

When I finally felt better I attempted to go back to playing squash, I soon realised my error as every attempt to hit the ball with any sort of power was painful. After 10 minutes of trying I gave up. Another month of rest, despite being pain free for this month was needed. When I went back to play squash this time it wasn’t the same pain I felt. This time it was more of a weakness feeling, I was losing to players I used to beat, my shots weren’t as powerful because of the time away from the sport and I was definitely not as fit (just like after this Christmas break).

This is one of the reasons I got into this job in the first place. I find myself constantly reminding people that they need to rest, even if they think they are ready to return to sport. Constantly reminding people of the role rehab has on the injury as a whole. This is not just resting the broken bone or building up the muscles around the joint again, which is vitally important. It’s also about correcting any imbalances caused from compensating with other parts of your body. For me this was opening bottles and cans with my left hand, eating and brushing my teeth with my left hand. Everything I used to do with the right side of my body had swapped to the left.

It eventually evened itself out, but I was 14, it takes the body longer to undo damage and compensatory problems as we get older. The sooner you can get help with an injury the sooner you will be back to 100%. This does not mean that seeing someone the day you get injured will get you back to playing quicker, just that FULL recovery will be as quick as YOU can possibly do it!

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