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Crusade: Injury Prevention 2019

Injury prevention in 2019 is my biggest goal! If I can help even 1 person to not get injured this year I’ll be over the moon! My theory revolves around 2 main concepts, firstly that you need to be conditioned and prepared to play your sport. Secondly, recovery is a vital part of being prepared to play your sport and this start as soon as your training or playing is finished.

Being prepared for your sport starts by knowing the sport and this is from being coached, go to someone who can help you get better. Better technique is the easiest way in the beginning to reduce your risk of injury. It’s the easiest way because you are still enjoying the sport with nothing that will feel like work to you. Improved technique in your sport will improve the way your body moves, this will not only make you a better player but the better biomechanics will reduce the risk of injury through poor movement patterns.

After you play take 10 minutes to stretch, this is AS important as playing or training. You can get away with not stretching as a junior because you are still growing and your recovery is insane. As we get older recovery needs to become a much more active component of what you do. This doesn’t mean you have to be doing the splits, and it doesn’t have to take away from anything else. After Sunday league football you will have time to stretch while discussing the game and where to go for drinks. After your gym session it is just easier to sit on the floor and stretch for 10 minutes than drag your tired body home.

Stretching can help you move easier, feel less fatigued and reduce the soreness you feel days after the tough match or session in the gym.

  1. Play your sport and have fun!

  2. Stretch the muscles you used!

  3. Repeat

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